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9/12, lal bazar st. 3rd floor, ‘ e ‘ block room no. 9(8) calcutta in30032710084810 parvati fomra c/o b newar and co 23/24 radha bazar st 4th floor kolkata in30154915999561 agarwalla 4,synagogue street, 5th floor, roomno.-503, kolkata in30210510172116 satindra roy rabindrac deb 83,cossipore road calcutta calcutta r2362 224 upper circular road.

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MINUTES OF 140th MEETING OF NORTHERN REGIONAL COMMITTEE HELD ON 25TH APRIL TO 26TH APRIL 2009. The 140th meeting of the Northern Regional Committee (NRC), National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) was held from 25th to 26th APRIL, 2009 at Conference Hall, NRC, NCTE, Jaipur.

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The Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card is a ten character alpha-numerical identification card issued by the Income Tax Department, Faridabad in India to anyone who applies for it. It acts as a.

Main Matka Chart 2012 Derasalimpur Ambala 17th A PRIL 2012] KERALA GAZETTE 566 NOTIFICATION It is hereby notified for the information of all authorities concerned and the public that I, B. Esakkimuthu, TC. 5/2009, NRA-C-50, Sree Ganesh Ambala Cantt. – Saharanpur MEMU Special/04922 Train Time Table Departs @ 20:40 Arrives @ 22:40 Journey Time:2h 0m 11

"ashiana" 12 a,mahesh nagar rajindra park, ambala cant. h0473 harbans singh ab-80, shahjahan road, new delhi new delhi h0512 hansu ramesh varsha apartments, block b/3 2nd floor, jan kalyan hsg soc paldi nr v kunj bus stop, ahmedabad ahmedabad h0568 indira v kriplani vishnu hiranand kripalani

No. Name & Location: 1: NEXT – Vikas Puri Ground Floor D-116 Vikas Puri Delhi Category: Electronics Electronics and home appliances retailer.Air-Conditioners, LCD and Plasma T.

Pl Note : Close the Excel Sheet and re-open it after enabling Macro to start. Enter the CIN Add Investor Details Save the Excel file If you have multiple excels for the same CIN and SRN; use the below nomenclature: (ABC_1.xls, ABC_2.xls,ABC_3.xls.

) where ABC represents the CIN of the Company Upload the Excel file Country Indian States